Saint Paul Hello is a collaborative of partners with one purpose – to make you feel connected to the city of Saint Paul and the state of Minnesota. 


We are doing this by reaching out to individuals, organizations, communities, businesses, and events around the city and asking them to participate in welcoming newcomers by making everything we do more immersive, connective, and (most importantly) fun!


Who started this?

Hello! I’m Jun-Li, the one who started Saint Paul Hello.

Like some of you, I moved to Saint Paul from more temperate climates because my spouse had a new job here. It wasn’t easy to adjust to the culture – and the climate – and it’s taken me over a decade to feel like this place is my home. And I’m a pretty extroverted can-do kind of person. Over the years I’ve observed other newcomers, and returnees, flounder a bit as they try to settle in, find friends, and embrace this wonderful place. I’ve seen some of those people leave and wondered if I could have done something, been more friendly, reached out more, to change that.

Two winters ago, during the weeks of the double-digit sub-zero weather of a Polar Vortex, I realized that I was totally cozy and warm while others complained. I had recently purchased a faux fur-lined hat, with ear flaps. This was the magic that no one (including my husband, an actual Minnesotan) had told me was the secret to surviving winter! So then I was irritated that every new person to Minnesota did not have one of these hats. I thought the government should issue them as a necessity!

So then we come to today. I had the opportunity to pitch my idea: to welcome newbies with a hat instead of a key to the city of Saint Paul, and to connect them to other resources and activities that can make Minnesota into the place we can all call home. And my pitch worked – so today, we can give you that hat, and those connections, to make your adjustment a little smoother.

So, welcome to Saint Paul! We hope you love it here.

Want to be part of Saint Paul Hello? Let us know.

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Saint Paul Hello is presented in partnership with Jun-Li Wang, Curious Incident, Pollen, Minnesota Historical Society, Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, Greater MSP and Hamline Midway Coalition with generous support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.